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Divesites Koh Tao

Brief Descriptions Of The Dive Sites

Koh Tao Briefly

This small island boasts around 20 excellent dive sites. World class diving can be found at Chumpon & Southwest Pinnacles. Other Popular sites include Shark Island with its diverse range of coral and marine life, White Rock with its Triggerfish and Turtles and the exciting swim thru's of Green Rock.

For Beginners or Experienced Divers, Koh Tao is the ideal choice.

Shark Island

Located just of the South coast of Koh Tao this twin rock outcrop consists of a steeply slopping reef going from 4 meters down to 20 meters. One of the biggest attractions of this dive is the variety of corals and fish life to be found. On the East side of the rock you will find a slopping reef covered in brain corals, vivid pink anemones and large barrel sponges, among the corals you will see snappers, banded angel fish and blue spotted stingrays. Whale Sharks are frequently sighted in season along with the odd Turtle and there is also the chance of seeing a few Black tip reef sharks. This site is also ideal for novice and experienced divers and offers great snorkelling.

Samran Pinnacles

This submerged set of three rocky pinnacles is located just off Sail Rock between Koh Tao & Koh Phangan and can only be dived at certain times of the year, generally between May and September. The formation rises from the ocean floor at 30 meters up to a minimum depth of 13 meters. The rocks are covered in soft corals, sponges and a wealth of colourful anemones. Just off the rocks hanging in the mild to strong currents you will find large groupers, great barracuda and shoals of big eye jacks.

South West Pinnacles

These three rock pinnacles are located about 30 minutes of the South West Coast of Koh Tao. The impressive rock formations rise from a depth of 28 meters up to within 10 meters of the surface. Here you will find a vast array of soft coral bushes, sea whips and barrel sponges and the walls and ledges are covered in brightly coloured anemones. The fish life is varied and prolific at this site, and includes red snapper, honeycomb grouper, banded angelfish, great barracuda, with leopard sharks frequently sighted resting on the sandy gorges between the pinnacles.

White Rock

White Rock is located about halfway between Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao and is a very popular night diving destination. The site consists of two submerged pinnacles starting at 20 meters and rising up to within 2 meters of the surface. The pinnacles gently pan out into many shelves, which are covered in a healthy selection of hard and soft coral formations. As the reef slopes away you will see small blue spotted sting rays and larger Southern Rays resting on the bottom as well as Pelagics like, Jacks and Great Barracuda patrolling the depths.

Hin Wong

Located directly of the off the East coast of Koh Tao this Granite rock formation ranges in depth from 14 meters to 26 meters and is dotted with soft coral bushes and Gorgonian fans. Just off the rocks in the mild to strong currents you will see numerous blue spotted groupers, banner fish and schooling snappers. It is quite common to see Hawksbill turtles at this site.

Ao Leuk

Ao Leuk is an ideal diver-training site located of Koh Tao's South East Coast. The bay is well sheltered and has a flat sandy bottom at 12 meters with a fringing reef running right around the bay. The reef has a good variety of corals including, Stag Horn, Brain and large formations of Star corals, amongst the corals you will find brightly coloured Christmas tree worms. On the sand you will see yellowfin Goatfish, blennys and bulldozer shrimps.